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My first 5k race!

To put a bow on having lost 80 pounds from a year ago this month, I ran in my first 5k race!   I ran in the Faith 5k which was a fund raiser for the Faith Lutheran Church elementary school.  They put on a very nice event using a professional timing company.   They even emailed us our results following the race, mine are below.   I really just hoped to be able to finish the race so my result greatly surpassed my expectations.   Now I have a time to beat for my next race.   What a fun way to spend a beautiful Saturday morning in Stephenville, Texas.

The email I received following the race:

Congratulations on finishing the Running with Faith 5K on March 31, 2012.

There were 8 finishers in the Male 40 to 44 age group and 147 finishers in the race.

Your overall finish place was 79 and your age group finish place was 6.  Your overall finish percentile was 54 while your age group percentile was 75.  Your time of 30:36.18 gave you a  9:52 pace per mile.

Full results, as well as upcoming races can be found at  Be sure to like us on Facebook for up-to-date information about all local running events.

We hope to see you again next year.

baby steps to getting healthier

Well, my day went pretty well with the eating. Kept it low cal and healthy during the day for breakfast, lunch, and intervening snacks. However, had a BIG supper as I was hungry. On the other hand, I will not do any late night eating. Nothing else for me other than zero cal drinkables until morning. Biggest goal of the day today was to not touch any candy or chocolate, SUCCESS on that one! 😀

I still need to get the calorie counting and exercise program going. I am beginning this with baby steps.

It’s a start.