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Voting ABO in 2012

I have been asked by quite a few people who I intend to vote for President in 2012.   I tell them all that I am voting ABO, that is Anyone But Obama.   I am really at the point that I do not believe that we can do much worse that this would be despot that now occupies the White House.  He is a Marxist, a liar and a demagogue.  So, I will vote for anyone running against him.   That means I will vote for a Republican, any Republican.   That does not mean that the eventual Republican candidate will necessarily be my all-time favorite candidate.   Likely far from it, but any of them will be vastly superior to Obama.  At this time, my favorite of the Republican candidates is Newt Gingrich.  While he does have some baggage, he is clearly the smartest and best prepared person for the office of the Presidency.   So, GO NEWT!

One Response to “Voting ABO in 2012”

  • I’m with you. For all of their warts, I’m sure any of the current Republican candidates would be a better President than Obama.