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Getting aquainted with the M1911

This is a different sort of blog post for me.  No code snippets or anything like that.   I have recently become the owner of a handgun, a M1911-A1 CS, .45 cal.  It is the short barrel, 3.5″, version of the classic M1911-A1.  While I have had other types of firearms all my life:  shotguns and riffles, this is the first time I have owned a handgun.   I guess I was waiting for the kids to grow up and basically be out of the house?  Not sure if that was really the reason, but I do know that I really like this gun!  It feels great in my hand and is a size that will simplify concealed carry capabilities.  Today I went out shooting with friends who who are quite a bit more experienced with handguns than I am, one of which is a veteran with combat experience.  I sure appreciated the opportunity to learn and improve my shooting.   It was also a lot of fun!  I am going to have to do more of this.

One Response to “Getting aquainted with the M1911”

  • I’m just happy it was my little Rock Island Armory M1911-A1-CS that you shot which inspired you to get yours. It’s a great little gun and I’m sure both of us will greatly enjoy the time we spend shooting them. It’s not a perfect weapon right out of the box, but the 3-dot sights I put on mine got it a lot closer to an ideal carry piece. I picked up a Fobus C21BRP holster for mine yesterday. That’s pretty much a perfect rig for the little gun. I say ‘little’ just referring to the size compared to a standard 1911. The .45 ACP round is a real stopper, and I’m looking forward to testing some PMC Starfire defense ammo I just found out about today. Keep it cocked and locked!