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Voting Day Thoughts

It is finally here, the 2010 midterm elections.  That a midterm election has become such a big deal is significant in its own right.  However, the reason for that is even more significant.  Frankly, the people are not happy – not in the least.  The people have seen their country hijacked by Barack Hussein Obama and his Socialist cohorts in the Congress and do not like it one bit.   The people have reawakened with a desire to return to constitutional governance after decades of freewheeling growth in the federal government.  The people want their country back and they want the country, the Republic, that the Founding Fathers intended.   From this passion has arose the TEA Party movement, and it is sweeping the country.   What began primarily as a tax revolt, has turned into a greater political movement to return to the principles of our country’s founding and the Constitution.   It is about time!  If you have not gone out to vote yet, please do so.   Exercise your right to vote and vote for the most conservative candidate you can.