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Benoit Mandelbrot dies, aged 85

As regular readers of my blog will know, I have been a fan and enthusiast of the mathematically derived images know as Fractals for many years after having been first exposed to the concept in an issue of Scientific American in the Mathematical Recreations column. I began writing programs to generate these beautiful images and even today still tinker around with these. Benoit Mandelbrot, the man who started it all and for whom the iconic fractal image is named, has passed way at age 85. The impact of his work went far beyond just some pretty pictures.   He fundamentally added to our understanding of nature and brought order to what had always been thought to have been random chaos in complex systems such as meteorology and reaching even into the fields of economics and the social sciences. His work was the genesis of what we now know as Chaos Theory. The impact of the revelation that Benoit Mandelbrot brought to human understanding of the world around us and of complex systems has already been felt.  It will continue to be felt as we delve deeper and deeper into the exploration of nature.  We are now assured that there will always be more beauty to be found as the self-similar and endlessly complex world unfolds before us. To me, Benoit Mandelbrot opened a door to us into the beauty and complexity of nature and into the mind of nature’s Creator. He will be missed.

The Mandelbrot Set