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Obama – That’s what elections are for.

At the “health care summit” the other day, while talking about his options to get the health care bill he is pushing through congress, President Obama made it clear that he would push it though in any way possible and that if folks did not like “that’s what elections are for”. Yes sir Mr. President! I got your message loud and clear! That is what elections are for!! Mr. President, I believe you must be the most arrogant and self centered leader America has ever had. You do not even care that you just double dared the American people to vote out your party in 2010 and you in 2012. Yes Sir! Message heard loud and clear! I have already early voted in the Republican Party primary here in Texas and am working doubly hard to vote your party and yourself into political oblivion. I hope you enjoy being a lame duck. QUACK!    I wonder how many House Democrats facing reelection in November this year appreciated his comment?!?
Majority of Americans now say NObama second term

2 Responses to “Obama – That’s what elections are for.”

  • I hope both houses of Congress get split 50-50 between Democrats and Republicans. Permanent gridlock is our best hope.

  • I agree. I we can not get a good, solid, Constitution respecting majority in the Congress, then gridlock is much preferable. Either stop them in their tracks or start rolling the mess back, but we can not afford any more “progress” from these Progressives. :-)