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a neat trick via Ghostscript

I have found a neat trick.  Not original, found it here:

PostScript and PDF

  • To concatenate PostScript or PDF files into a single PDF file:

    gs -q -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -sDEVICE=pdfwrite \
    -sOutputFile=<outfile> <infile> <infile> …

  • To concatenate PostScript or PDF files into a single PostScript file:

    gs -q -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -sDEVICE=pswrite \
    -sOutputFile=<outfile> <infile> <infile> …

  • This trick used in combination with the fact that in Ubuntu you can print not only to a printer, but also to either a postscript or PDF file directly, means that if a book is presented in html on the web, say with each chapter being an individual HTML page, you can easily print each of these to a file and then use the trick to concatenate the ps or pdf files together to reassemble the entire book.  For instance, I am doing that with this book that is online:

    I do not know how many other books that I have run across on the web that were HTML like this and I wanted to reassemble them for a good print out.  This is a way to do it.

    By the way, “gs” is the command line program for Ghostscript, which should be already installed on your Ubuntu system by default.  If you install Ghostscript on a Window system, the same trick should work there too so long as you print the HTML to a PDF printer driver.  Ghostscript can be downloaded from here:

    Oh, yes, this is also cool…:

    Why Desktop Linux (still) Sucks…


    This is not a slam against Linux.  It is all about making our favourite OS more viable and available to more people.

    Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is released

    The new Unbuntu, 10.04 LTS, has been released. It is great!
    Go get Ubuntu 10.04.
    A good review from another blogger: Ubuntu 10.04 – Perfect

    The Magic SysRq key

    The Magic SysRq key!   If you use a GNU/Linux OS, discover what the SysRq key on your keyboard can do for you.

    A beautiful day!

    What a beautiful day!   My wife and I went on a date today to Clark Gardens Botanical Park.   The gardens are located outside of Mineral Wells, TX which is about an hour from where we live.   We packed some fixings for sandwiches and a nice Muscat Canelli wine from Sister Creek Vineyards, one of our favorite wines.   The flowers were gorgeous and very fragrant.  The gardens exhibit a large variety of plant life, particularly flowers such as roses, iris, poppies, etc.  There is also a local contingent geese, guinea flow, swans, ducks, and peacocks.   As a bonus, if you are a fan of model trains, there is a brilliant set of G-scale model trains running in a section of the garden.  I highly recommend anyone take some time to visit this wonderful place.  Pack a lunch, take a loved one, and enjoy a great day out in the outdoors and the beauty of nature!