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Global Warming – The Retraction!

First, there was the scandal of the hacked emails revealing scientist proponents of Global Warming engaging in scientific fraud.

Next, a leading global warming scientist claims he has “misplaced” his data about global warming due to “poor organisation”.

Finally, THE RETRACTION!  Global Warming scientists now have to formally retract an article in a leading science journal that predicted rising sea levels due to global warming.

Scientist Retracts Paper

Hello!  Anybody paying attention??  You have been conned.  Plan and simple, the current Global Warming craze is a junk science con that is rooted in “climate scientists” and assorted agencies desperately trying to justify their jobs and statist governments and leaders around the world using the big “global warming scare” to inject much more government control and regulation into our lives.  WAKE UP PEOPLE!   IT IS A SCAM!!!