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Bye Bye Firefox!

I uninstalled the Firefox web browser from my Linux system today.  Good Riddance!   Use Chrome Browser !

3 Responses to “Bye Bye Firefox!”

  • I wrote a comment on another web site about boycotting Mozilla because of Brendan Eich’s departure and think it’s worth sharing as a response to your post. A version of my comment is on my web site below:

  • David,

    FYI. It is now a few years down the line and I thought I should mention that I have gotten past that Mozilla boycott and do still use Firefox from time to time as seems best. I am looking forward to the upcoming improvements to Firefox that should substantially improve its performance and security. Again, I appreciated your comments on the subject at the time.

    Bill – WA5PB

  • David,

    Your comments are well received, and reasonable. I think time will tell on this one. I had already quit using Firefox and switched to Chrome almost a year ago for features and performance reasons, so for me the controversy was mainly a trigger to uninstall an application I do not use anymore. To be fair, I do still use other Mozilla products, such as Filezilla. Thanks for taking the time to comment.