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Python – Accessing Oracle Databases

Still learning the Python programming language here. However, along the way, I have found a need to branch out with some add-on modules for specific tasks. One of these is a module for accessing Oracle Databases. The module is cx_Oracle. Performing a query to an Oracle database become this simple process:

import the cx_Oracle module

import cx_Oracle

make your connection to the Oracle database

connection = cx_Oracle.connect(“username”,”password”,”oracle_instance”)

create an instance of the cursor

cursor = connection.cursor()

Perform a query. This demonstrates a simple select query, how to pass some user input as an argument to it, and how to do something something with the result.

user_input = str.upper(str(input(“Please provide value to query>>”)))

cursor.execute(“select some_field from some_table where some_field like :arg_1”, arg_1 = user_input)

for some_field in cursor: