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A Romantic Dinner

It is my wife’s birthday today.  We are out of town in Houston and vacationing, away from the kids who are vacationing separately.  It is wonderful to finally be at that point in life where that is possible!  It has allowed for a nice romantic dinner tonight at Perry’s Steakhouse, a great fine dining experience.   We had an excellent dinner and I did what I wish I had done twenty years ago, get down on one knee in public and make a proper proposal.  Of course, we are already married, but I did next best thing.  I asked her if she had it to do all over again, would she still marry me?  I also asked her if she would renew our wedding vows with me later this summer when our 2oth wedding anniversary comes around.  I received a joyful affirmative on both counts!  My advice to any married couple, take the time to do the simple, romantic things.  Go out to dinner.  Tell each other often you love them.  Do not forget how to go out on a date.  Take time for each other, because a limited amount of time is all you have together.