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HOWTO – Ubuntu special characters

In Ubuntu, if you want to type any Unicode character, do so my holding down Shift+Ctrl+U then the unicode for the needed character.  Shift+Ctrl+U gives you an underlined u and you type the code and hit <enter>.  Works in every application I have tried.


Shift+Ctrl+U 00f4 results in ô
Shift+Ctrl+U 00e1 results in á

Of course, you have to know the Unicodes.  This chart will help

Also, you can use the COMPOSE KEY!

Addition information on configuring a compose key sequence and its use can be found here:

I defined my compose key to be the Right-Alt key on Ubuntu 10.04 like this:

System>Preferences>Keyboard>Layouts>Options>Compose key position>Right Alt

Good list of compose key combinations to get all the weird, odd and desperately needed characters you want:

Wikipedia entry on Compose key:

Another blogger’s nice short write up on using compose keys:

Finally, for Windows users who would like to have Unix/Linux style compose key functionality this program works well and is free:  AllChars

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