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Ubuntu, when things go badly – Synaptic HOWTO

This is good information for anyone who is going to be managing an Ubuntu system.

also good documentation on using the shell interface for Apt

I had a 9.10 to 10.04 upgrade break due to an internet failure during the process.   The following is from the SynapticHowto.  The upgrade was so broken that it was leaving me at a shell prompt to login, the Gnome desktop was not loading automatically and the Update Manager would not finish the upgrade.  I did the following and it saved my upgrade and got everything working properly.

Broken Upgrade or Installation

  • What to do if an installation process fails and you find it is no longer possible to install or remove packages:
  • Open a Terminal and type the following commands, pressing the Return or Enter key after each (you may have to type in your password):
     sudo dpkg --configure -a
     sudo apt-get install -f