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A beautiful day!

What a beautiful day!   My wife and I went on a date today to Clark Gardens Botanical Park.   The gardens are located outside of Mineral Wells, TX which is about an hour from where we live.   We packed some fixings for sandwiches and a nice Muscat Canelli wine from Sister Creek Vineyards, one of our favorite wines.   The flowers were gorgeous and very fragrant.  The gardens exhibit a large variety of plant life, particularly flowers such as roses, iris, poppies, etc.  There is also a local contingent geese, guinea flow, swans, ducks, and peacocks.   As a bonus, if you are a fan of model trains, there is a brilliant set of G-scale model trains running in a section of the garden.  I highly recommend anyone take some time to visit this wonderful place.  Pack a lunch, take a loved one, and enjoy a great day out in the outdoors and the beauty of nature!