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Obama – “corpse-man”. What a MORON!

Didn’t he learn how to pronounce “corpsman” in those Indonesian elementary schools?!?

3 Responses to “Obama – “corpse-man”. What a MORON!”

  • “Corpse-man”?? One would have thought that basic literacy would be a prerequisite for POTUS. But, considering the way that schools are ‘dumbing down’ their curriculae these days, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that the President of the country is irrevocably tethered to his TelePrompter. However, it would be nice if he were actually able to properly read it. Evidently Indonesian schools are no better than American schools.

  • Very true! :-)

  • Judging by his current downward turn in popular support, he may well be a “corpse-man” himself(politically speaking, ed.). We can only all pray that this will be the case in 2012.